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In general, most people get better with the diet along with probiotics and antifungals.

The best diagnosis test according to dvjorge is the candida immune complex test (candia5 test). He has mentioned it a number of times in his posts…but if you want the best analysis of the results, I would consult a naturopath.

Everyone has parasites, we just have them at different numbers. You cannot kill off all of the parasites in the body, but you can reduce their numbers.

Dvjorge has a simple adrenal fatigue test too if you look at some of his recent posts.

What I would do to get better:

-allergy testing and hyposensization(candida immune compelx) test and get a good naturopath to analyze results.
-naturopath puts you on plan to get better
-follow diet on the forum that I developed (more strict than website diet)
-after 3-6 months you should feel better and can start to introduce more foods like beans, fruit, etc.
-6-12 months be mostly symptom free except when you cheat.

However if you were to do something on your own I would:
-do a slight detox for 1 week before starting diet and take liver cleansing herbs like milk thistle.
-start a stage 3 strict forum diet for 1-2 weeks.
-move to stage 2 strict forum diet for 1-2 weeks
-go to stage 1 strict forum diet for 3-6+ months
-move back through the other stages as you get better.

But if you do it on your own you could easily spend more money than a ND in the long term, especially if it doesn’t work. You could start the diet and then get all of this internet advice, etc. (people telling you to chelation and enemas, etc.) and then who knows, maybe you go to the hospital or something after a panic attack. For instance, you could have an undiagnosed thyroid problem and this diet could make you worse off real fast. There are risks for anything you do in general but the simplest way to improve your health is via diet by itself. And this is why you shouldn’t follow any internet plans in my opinion because there are risks for doing almost all of them…your body is unique and you have unique symptoms and so it might be hard to treat on your own.

Just trying to help you think this out because you definitely should plan this out beforehand because you could have a 2-3 year battle and you could get better or worse quickly. I’ve seen people go through bad die-off from the candida toxins and I just don’t want to see people get harmed anymore.