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Thanks for your reply. Somehow I missed it coming in. I am awaiting test results to find out if it is candida, parasites or sibo. Went to a md/holistic dr last week and it was quite interesting. He told me my immune system wasn’t able to keep these things at bay (whatever we find out it is) and he believed it was triggered by my environment and maybe I was inhaling mold. Very strange theory. We have a basement but no signs of mold. Trying to sort all this info out. Any thoughts on whether my body created a “perfect storm” for candida overgrowth or if his theory on mold is worth considering.

I’ve lost 20 lbs in 2 months and am hungry :(. Looks like tests will take some time to get back. thank you to whoever posted the rutAbega chip recipe. Love em!

I hope others of you are fairing well. spent the last two weeks around every kind of celebration with lots of food and sweets I couldn’t enjoy. So hard but by the hand of God I made it through. At times I just treT this like a pregnancy… Your body is feeling strange things, you don’t always feel good and you sacrifice so much during the 9 months of pregnancy. At the end, you are given this beautiful gift of a precious child. I’m just daily trying to focus on the long term goal of getting well. Hoping a healthy life for me (and to pass along to my kiddos) is my reward at the end of this. I’ve made a menu list too… Everything i want to eat! Hoping one day to dine out again and order off a menu:), and nibble while I pack lunches for my kids, etc. Oh, I should stop all this now!

Thanks for any thoughts you have on my doc’s mold theory. When I get test results, I’ll be sure to share.