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If it is candida then what should I do with it? I’m totally lost, I mean I’m not even sure what am I sick of and doctors keeps saying that I’m healthy but I just don’t feel healthy for like 6 years now. Maybe if I write some details You’ll know for sure if it’s candida or not. First of all all the symptoms started at once, and here is the list of some of them:
-stomach problems and pains
-this white tongue coating
-hair loss (hair were falling enormously for maybe 2 months and then stopped falling, for 6 years I haven’t lost any more hair)
-bad smell (feet, armpit) and I sweat pretty fast)
-often feeling weak and having swollen eyelids
-waking up tired already, with headache, paleface and swollen eyelids (even after much sleep)
-vision problems (blurry seeing)
-bad breath (I brush my teeth twice and chew orbits and airwaves, nothing helps)
-when I start to feel bad, I also have problems with gathering my thoughts and calming my nerves.
and some more… like urethra – pollakiuria, pain in the testicle, but always one at a time, never both. So basically it’s stomach+head+tongue+sweating+eyes+exhaustion+reproductive system.

PS. I feel better when I eat only candida approved food. So, is this candida? How can I check it to be 100% sure that it is candida?

Oh, I’m doomed! 🙁