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Hi there,

I am relatively new, but also felt I could weigh in on this being a 25 year old female. I work FT and I attend graduate school. Symptoms started (enough to get me on the computer researching) after a round of antibiotics this past January. My digestive system changed and was irregular, bloating, mucous/phlegm like production with constant throat clearing, and I couldn’t lose weight even though I exercised 4-5x weekly. When I think back, my “healthy” diet of lots of complex carbs, fruits, and very few vegetables which did not help matters. I have been taking BC for years.

After a stressful week, I wish for nothing more than to meet my friends at a burger bar for food and drinks, or go out and have a romantic evening with my boyfriend and have wine and dessert. Going out for drinks was one way I was able to see my friends with my hectic schedule.

I started the forum diet (separate from website) in February. I have cheated 2 times: Valentine’s Day and got a sinus infection with die off, and this past weekend because I was feeling better with little to no die-off and wanted to test the waters for a birthday. I regret it, and will no longer continue entertaining the idea of a cheat. All I am doing by cheating is stunting the progress I am making and my original symptoms coming right back.

Like shayfo said, we want to eradicate this “beast” while we are still healthy and young. I had NO clue about candida, CRC, small intestine/stomach imbalance, needing to take probiotics, or any of the valuable information I’ve learned from this forum. I only have a few months of pesky symptoms, as opposed to some older members that have endured it for years. I do not have food allergies or leaky gut like some horror stories members face. If we take care of this now — spending 6-12 months on the plan eating better and feeling healthier, with better skin, etc. — we won’t be jeopardizing our future health. Think of it as educating yourself in the process about making smarter food and health choices. Stick with it, and with the support of understanding friends/family, and forum support, you will succeed and overcome this small hurdle at such a young age. 🙂