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weehen;31303 wrote: Hi again Toni8,

I have been told the exact same thing by allopathic doctors. Most of them will deny the existence of candida, or may even scoff at the mere mention of it. These are the very same doctors who are trained to dish out antibiotics like they are going out of fashion and may play a huge role in causing candida issues!

If your doctors reaction was to scoff and act like it doesn’t exist, my suggestion is to seek a better doctor. I finally found what is called an “integrative” doctor after trying numerous traditional (allopathic) doctors. Integrative doctors tend to believe in holistic treatments such as dietary changes and supplements, yet still have allopathic medical training. When you find a doctor like this it is like talking a different language!

I have found the support of a good doctor to be invaluable. He has supported my observations of my own health and that of my children, he genuinely listens and responds to what we describe, whereas the allopathic doctors didn’t seem to really listen or care – they just wanted to prescribe us something, anything, to suppress the symptoms and get us out of there ASAP!

(Raster already gave you great advice on the tests, but I just wanted to let you know of my experience with doctors)


Hello and thank you for your advice 🙂 my doctor said there were no tests but was very responsive in listening to me, she was going to start will blood tests and then take it from there. Will do an update later on, cheers!!!