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I couldnt get past the first 2 minutes, and that WAS a groovy shirt,lol….

Heres what I know so far, as I think the only reason there are 2 camps with this topic is because there are actually 2 ways of looking at it (both being correct).

Consuming alkaline foods/beverages dont make sense,since the stomach is acidic and necessarily so.

WITH THAT SAID, there are “alkaline” lifestyles, and “acidic” lifestyles.
It doesnt mean the foods are acidic or alkaline, it means after the body processes the food, your body leans one way or another.

This is why I dont pay much attention to the ph of foods, but I do pay attention to how the body behaves after habitual dietary habits.

Certain dietary lifestyles do pull calcium and other minerals from places they are needed in order to balance out when we become overly acidic. This makes alot of sense to me, as I have experienced severe tooth sensitivities only to have them disappear after a few months of eating differently. I see it in my skin, and in my elimination.

In relation to candida, this topic is so interesting!
One camp says alkalinity helps candida to thrive, the other camp says an acidic environment does.
All we can really do is look for patterns in our own behavior,right?

How I understand it, when our bodies become chronically acidic,our lymph stagnates and our kidneys dont filter very well. We get minor annoyances like headaches and slower elimination. Over time our lymph nodes swell and harden, and our body uses the skin and the breath to try to eliminate some. We begin to see skin issues and eventually hairloss as well. Other glands suffer trying to make up for imbalances, and before you know it, the immune system isnt working at full capacity. This would let candida in the door.

Then I read alkalinity makes candida thrive, but how I translate that, is that in an alkaline environment, the candida can grow, but in an acidic environment, it can fight for its life and get dangerous.

Im not saying im correct here, only that these are the pieces I have put together so far.

If what I am saying is valid, it doesnt make sense to supplement with anything to influence the ph of our bodies, as a healthy body will come into balance if all the elimination organs are working properly, and the glands are functioning as normal.

So I approach it from a “balance yourself out, and the rest will follow” view.

I like this topic,Bansaw. I hope to see more thoughts so I can wrap my head around it better.