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Able900 wrote: Hello, Thomas

The link you posted won’t open, but it sounds like it would be too weak.

You could try making kefir, especially since you can’t obtain a good commercial probiotic. Both kefir and homemade yogurt can be just as powerful as a good probiotic, or even more so in most cases. Try to find either kefir grains or a kefir starter kit, and read the following post.


I am a little afraid off milk products. Maybe I try them out later when I am more stable. If the probiotic here is too weak, is it possible to eat more of them?
I wondered too how they get pass the stomach acids and survive before they enter my guts to live happily ever after there! 😉

It looks to me a long and dangerous road for the good bacteria to travel?

Do you think I should already in Stage 1 with my diet start with the kefir? We have a goat farmer in the neighbourhood. I wonder if one can produce kefir from goats milk, its maybe safer for me?