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lbrenner800;53675 wrote: I bought a bottle of Kombucha from Whole foods. Under ingredients it lists nothing but “100% Raw Organic Kombucha” and it says it contains 1 Billion organisms of S. Boulardii and 1 Billion organisms of Lactobacillus Bacterium. It says it contains 2g of sugar but I assume that’s just from the fermentation and is unavoidable.

This all sounds great to me but I’ve heard so many mixed things about Kombucha, that it doesn’t reach a high enough acidity level like Sauerkraut and Kefir do, or even that it contains alcohol, but this bottle has no mention of alcohol, although it does kind of taste like beer. Would this be beneficial to drink?

Kombucha should be fine for most people.

I always recommend store bought kombucha, GT’s in particular because of the low sugar content.
I’ve used homemade kombucha for over a year and drank gallons a week with no problems, I did long ferments as well. Kombucha was just like kefir for me, never set me back, never helped significantly.

If you really enjoy it, give it a go.