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Rabelais;57997 wrote:
Statistics show that the majority of people has a high blood pressure. In that sense, reducing your salt intake is a good general advice.

In addition, salt stresses the kidneys, and some other organs too. So even if your blood pressure is normal, it’s a good idea to limit your salt intake.

Keep in mind that humans evolved in an environment where salt was quite scarce. So did our ancestors, so our bodies have adapted to very little salt intake. The amount of salt we tend to consume nowadays is absolutely unnatural.

I’ve always had low normal BP. I use a LOT of high quality sea salts. I’ve heard of many people recommending taking Real salt and pink Himalayan salt for minerals and as a therapy in itself.

I’ve eaten a 100% whole foods diet for 32 years, and if I didn’t add salt, it’s doubtful I’d get enough salt. as with everything, opinions vary on this, but I like my salt. With whole foods diet of proteins and veggies, it would be terribly boring if I couldn’t add sea salt.

They recommend 1/4 tsp sea salt after a coffee enema to replace electrolytes.