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catlover345 wrote: Is that toxins from the pesticides or toxins that are naturally in the animal produce itself?

The answer to that question is, both – plus other factors. Each time you eat animal protein, the breakdown of this protein produces ammonia which is a toxin, therefore adding to the overload of work that the liver is already being subjected to. Ammonia also benefits the Candida which can cause additional symptoms to occur.

I like to snack on ham alot when i get hungry, its the only thing that helps the urge to not binge out on chocolate or sweet things.

Ham is not on the ‘allowed foods’ list that the forum follows for a good reason. Have you read the list?

I was also avoiding eggs for a long while cause i thought they might be feeding the candida but it seems alot of people on here incorpate eggs into their diet daily.. are eggs compltely safe?

Nothing is completely safe other than water. But eggs are a much better protein source than any type of meat.

and what would be the proper way to cook them or is it best to have them raw?

This doesn’t matter as long as you don’t cook them in butter or margarine. You should not have them raw.