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Hi Jo,

Checking out your blog now!

This is the first time i have travelled since i started the diet and man, its tough. The main tips I have so far are:

1) I carry a light plastic chopping board, small tupperware container, small paring knife in my luggage (not carry on, theyll take the knife). It allows me to buy veges etc on the go if required. I also have a salt/pepper mix i bought at a supermarket to season raw veges if I wish

2) I just bought a “bobble”, which allows me to filter water in a 600ml bottle, rather than having to buy a new water everytime or drag around a larger filter

3) I have some clear sealabale bags with senna tea (to try to ward off constipation), plus some chamomile, peppermint and stevia single use packets.

Thats all i got for now!

Just finished reading ur blog and saw that you have the above covered, and then a lot more! Ill learn a lot!