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Thanks Raster.

I am following the forum diet (combined with info from Yest Infection No More by Linda Allen), although i must admit i am being a little bit lazy currently with eating some beans. Probably what is slowing my digestion down and making me feel bloated, so Ill limit them again. I just find that without eating more eggs/nuts/fish/chicken/beans and NG grains, I simply cant get enough energy – i already have a high metabolism and have gone from 155 to 135 pounds in 3 months – I dont want to lose any more! 😉 Also in the middle of moving countries right now (ie travelling for a month) so preparing large healthy salads is a bit difficult, if not impossible. In other words, my salad/vege intake is still high but less than what it should be and is being complimented by more “difficult to digest foods) like the ones listed above.

Supplements I am taking are vits B/C/E, thymulus, colostrum, EFA, molybdenum, milk thistle, saw palmetto, candizyme, probiotics, borage oil, zinc, L-glutamine. Many of these are from the YINM book.