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Sorry I’m not trying to be a pest.

In my May 14th post, I knew that I’d been sent back to square one, but that was following the site’s diet, not yours, so I wasn’t on the right track anyway. Since you and raster told me about your version of the diet a few days ago, I have eaten NOTHING but what is allowed on the food list you made–that is, except for the almond milk as mentioned above. I haven’t made any allowances, no deviations other than the milk. I have to point out that I had no idea you guys had made a food list before Nov 7th, so technically I’ve been unknowingly eating the wrong things up until that moment, so there’s no real way for me to answer your question of “how many times I’ve gone off the diet”. I haven’t had large amounts of almond milk these past few days either. Maybe 1/4 a cup, and I haven’t had any today or yesterday. I put truvia in the bread because I was expecting it to be needed for flavor. The rice bread was horrifically bland, and I was expecting the same for the coconut bread.

I’ll up my water intake and see about starting the cleanse. Maybe tomorrow as I’ve already eaten today.