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In your first post on May 14, you talked about being on the diet for five weeks, but you also mentioned that you had ‘messed’ up with cheese pizza, fried chicken, French fries fried in potato oil, two gulps of some fruity alcohol, and a biscuit with gravy. At that point you basically stopped the treatment, and returned to the original point before you started the diet five weeks earlier. Just this past Monday you wrote that a few times with a few weeks separating them, you had mistakenly thought you could have milk, or were unknowingly fed something bad by your husband. I hope you understand that, with this information I have to ask, have you ‘messed’ up the diet again since then? I’m asking you if everything you now eat everyday is a food item that’s on the “Allowed Foods” list shown in a post on the forum. Because if you have or continue to do so, you can expect the treatment to be lengthened each time that happen, of course it also means that the vaginal yeast infection you have will not go away.

You stated that for two weeks or so you had been taking acidophilus Pearls – 1 billion per pearl – sometimes twice a day. This hasn’t made a dent in the infestation as you need at least 30 times that amount.

You said that you use almond milk as a substitute for dairy milk. You should leave the almond milk out of the diet since you’re not improving, if you feel that you absolutely must have a milk substitute, choose pure, unsweetened coconut milk – not coconut water, but the pure milk, this normally comes in a can instead of a carton.

On Nov. 7 you wrote that you sometimes have brown rice pasta and ordinary brown rice. Both of these are feeding the Candida and therefore preventing you from seeing a definite improvement.

Quote: Ah, and I’ve yet to do the cleanse. I tried to do the site’s cleanse, and by the end of the second night I couldn’t stand and was throwing up. Not really eager to repeat the process.

Reply: Don’t repeat the site’s cleanse, instead use the one posted on the forum.
Proper and Safe Cleanse:

Quote: Can you have too much truvia? I typically have between one to three packets a day, and that’s not including the 9 packets I used in my coconut bread when I baked it (which leaves me wondering how much I’m really having per day whenever I have a slice). Also, can I have too much buckwheat?

Reply: I don’t think that Truvia or buckwheat is your problem, but rather the food you’re eating and a lack of probiotics. Why do you put Truvia in the coconut bread? It sounds as if you may still be craving sugar or a sweet taste.

You should be drinking a LOT of water every day, and nothing else unless you want to drink fresh lemon water.