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Just at a glance it seems you could add a lot more bulk to your diet with more veggies. Also, maybe add some eggs for protein, healthy fats, etc?

I wouldn’t brush off these symptoms as ‘normal’, necessarily. The more I think about it, it seems like there could be more to the heart palpitations and night sweats than just die-off… it’s essential to get enough vitamins and minerals to avoid electrolyte imbalances, anemia, hypoglycemia, etc. Your muscle spasms/twitching also point to a potential electrolyte imbalance. Have you had any problems with this stuff in the past? My main concern is that you’re getting enough nutrition in your diet as it seems you aren’t eating a whole lot…

I’m glad you’re seeing a homeopathic doc soon. They’ll be able to help you out with your symtoms and figure out if there’s more going on than just candida. You can also ask them at the time what supplements you could add to your program to help detox your liver and boost your immune system. Are you experiencing any digestive problems at all? Regular BMs are so, so important on this diet to clear the toxins! To give you an idea of supplements, many people on this diet will take psyllium fibre (I can’t because it constipates me), but others swear by it because it apparently helps scrub the colon clean of the yeast! I’m personally taking a very potent probiotic, vitamin c 2-3grams daily, zinc, vitamin a, and milk thistle. These are the supplements that my doc put me on, but it should give you an idea of a few things you could be doing to boost your immune system and help your body detox.