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hi, Angel

You are not alone as I fully relate to what you write. From antibiotics causing ill effects, to having a high metabolism which slowed the sicker I’ve become, to so called “brain fog”, to being super confused the more you learn as the subjects are very complicated and almost endless rabbit holes, etc. etc.

Despite what others may embrace, it took me the better part of the past year to fully grasp candida is not a stand alone issue: it’s more of a symptom of some other underlying cause which needs to be addressed. Figuring that out can take a while however, I tend to think my case centers around adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid: particularly if metabolism has swayed drastically.

You can check this rather simply by taking your basal body temp (temp upon waking) and if it’s a sub temp that highly suggests adrenal/thyroid issues need to be addressed. There are other forum posters who are better apt to address this subject but, IMHO this is a under spoken of topic on this forum which is starting to get more interplay. They are major regulators of the immune system, blood glucose, hormones, body temp, metabolism, etc. etc. Have discovered iodine supplementation can really help them but, it’s another protocol on it’s own beyond just increasing iodine (selenium, Vit C, Magnesium work hand in hand with iodine from my understanding). This is beyond the forum protocol of how to support them.

The good thing is most of the accompanying causes are treated with similar diets so, using the forums protocol/diet should improve those conditions but, diet alone might not be enough.

Quickly going to a low carb diet may work against healing as it can force the body into ketosis which puts further strain on already exhausted adrenal/thyroids. This causes a chain reaction of bad feedback loops further deteriorating these complicated systems. I went completely NO CARB and that was a HUGE mistake: rapid deterioration rather than healing. Put my body further out of balance which is requiring effort to correct to just get back to where I was prior to attempting candida treatment.

I realize this may only confuse your understanding further but, I think too many people like myself enter into a candida diet treatment without having a real plan. If you print out the forum protocol pages it is about a half inch stack of paper!!!

Wish you only blessings of healing graces.

PS – there are yeast free breads …..