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Ok, but you’re probably going to laugh at this story.
I was working as a software engineer in Wollongong, which is just south of Sydney. Anyway, in the units I lived there was a lady who had a friend. It turned out she liked me. THis lady had googly eyes a bit, and also, she reckons she has a goitre, or thyroid problems. At that stage, I didn’t know anything about candida. ANyway, I made a big mistake. I slept with her without protect, and I also kissed here. I didn’t notice anything until after, but when she was laying in bed her breath was so bad, I thought she was going to die. I told her she has to go, her breath is just too bad, and I had a shower becuase I felt so bad, guilty and stupid.

Anyway, over the next few weeks I had some strange symptoms, misty urine, nose bleeds suddenly. Just a few that I really didn’t think much about it.
Then on Saturday, the 1st of March 2008, basically 8 weeks later. I woke up the with the same horrible breath and a white tongue. The breath was very distinct. I hadn’t had any antibiotics in the months leading up to this. But I do know that when I was younger I used to always go to the doctor and get amoxylin if I was slightly getting sick.

So no proof, but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming for me to conclude that I caught this illness from someone else. So, I was healthy, then after contact with that lady, I’m not healthy. This is why I’m not sure as to the cause of candida. Is Candida the infection? Or is it just the biproduct of some other infection? But basically I know that some microbe entered my body and caused illness. So I mustn’t have had that in my body before i met this lady, otherwise I would have been sick already before i met her.

Saying that, “everyone has it in their body already”, well that doesn’t completely add up with my situation. SOmething was introduced to my body that causes the same symtpoms that lady had, the distinctly bad breath. Maybe I have something different to anti-biotic induced candida, but I have white tongue, bad breath, I had bloating earlier but not now, rectal itching, irritated red and puffy eyes in hte morning when I wake up, the number one sign that I have it is that doctors look at my tongue and say it’s not white and do all the tests under the sun and nothing shows up, then they sent me to a shrink. The shrink asked, “How can I help you”, and I poked my tongue out and I said, “make this go away”. Oh, I pulled my tongue in before I said that though.