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Bucephalus wrote: Saying that, “everyone has it in their body already”, well that doesn’t completely add up with my situation. SOmething was introduced to my body that causes the same symtpoms that lady had

Thanks for taking the time to explain, David.

The problem is there are two different types of Candida. There’s Candida yeast, which everyone has, then there’s the fungal form of Candida which is normally Candida albicans, which is the type that usually causes the infestations. This is likely the type that the lady introduced you to.

As far as you catching it from her is concerned, “unprotected sex” was the key along with the fact that your body had to be set and ready for the infestation to occur which means the stage was already set. Your immune system would already have to be suffering to some degree, and I doubt that you were on the healthiest diet in the world, right? As they say, the ‘perfect storm’ came together, and unfortunately you’re now suffering the consequences.