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Chelating helped clear my head a lot. I may take some DMPS someday but it’s out of stock the last I heard. I once had 18 amalgams, all replaced with non metal ones in 1986.

I live in upper East TN. I had a CDSA, or someting like it in Asheville NC about 5 years ago that cost about $600. I was found to have Klebsiella Oxytoca +4 and to be -2 deficient in Bifidus Longum. I didn’t follow up with it much. It was a female holistic MD at some naturopathic clinic and I just didn’t have any faith in her ability to resolve any of these issues. She put me on fish oil for one thing, which made my eczema get immediately much worse, and then I kind of decided I’d had enough of her and her being so expensive. She charged me $180 just to explain the $600 CDSA to me. Not only was she a crook, she was a very expensive crook that I doubt knew what I needed to get better.
Actually, the $600 test was called a NutrEval by Genova, then called Great Smokies.

Yes, I’d love to know of NDs or MDs might be good to get some good help. If they took Medicare B, that might be a big help. There aren’t many around these parts.

Thank you. 🙂