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Did you have confirmed mercury toxicity and did 3 years of ALA+DMSA clear this?
DMSA is usually avoided for those with yeast issues, usually replaced with DMPS.

Have you had a CDSA or any other comprehensive digestive analysis?
I think it wise to take any anti-fungal 1 at a time to judge its safety and effectiveness. We are all living with different levels of overgrowth and different species of yeast (e.g Albicans, glabrata,tropicalis, etc.), this makes finding an effective anti-fungal tricky.
Bombing your intestines with multiple antimicrobials is likely to cause more detriment to your beneficial bacteria then the yeast that is present.

Some people benefit from Undecenoic Acid, I was not one them.

Where are you located in the southeast?
I can recommend some doctors in the Carolinas if you’re interested, both MDs and NDs.