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Awesome, thank you so much, Able!
Yes, I’ve read all these links since I originally posted, so I feel a little less clueless now 🙂
My main question now is, can I take my Iron supplements in conjunction with Apo-lactoferrin, seeing as it will bind/absorb the Iron? Or is it recommended that I simply take the Apo-lactoferrin and eat Iron rich foods? I haven’t had any Iron since starting the Candida diet, and I feel my Anemia has returned. It’s such a bummer as I was feeling strong enough to begin the Protocol (started the Molyb and everything) but I really don’t fancy going through die-off while I’m anemic, I’m not sure my body could cope…I have a phone consult with my Specialist today, so ill discuss this with him too.
Also, I’ve been reading about Bone broth. At what stage should I introduce it?
Should I start taking it now, in order to strengthen myself before the Protocol, then re-introduce it in stage 2? Hmmmm…*strokes chin

Thanks all for your wonderful advice and support 🙂