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soldia4 wrote: So i was gonna ask about iron and since i’m not eating meat and haven’t for a while i was wondering if maybe i had a deficiency there. But my cousin just informed me that all the “greeny shit” ( kale etc.) i’ve been eating has lotsa iron. Yes?

That depends on what you eat. There are two different types of iron in the human body which are heme iron and nonheme iron. We obtain each from the following sources.

Heme iron: from the protein found in red meat, fowl, pork, and fish

Nonheme iron: meat, dairy products (this includes yogurt and kefir), plant foods, and iron salts

The plant foods that contain higest amounts of nonheme iron are: spinach, lima beans, lentils, California avocados, goji berries, and Navy beans. Eggs are not very high in iron, but the yolks do contain a relatively small amount.
The regular intake of vitamin C can enhance the absorption of iron; and the absorption is lessened by eating soy products and non-soaked legumes and grains which contain phytic acid. Other foods as well as coffee can block the absorption as well when there’s a vitamin C deficiency.

Congratulations on reaching the three-week mark on the diet. Way to go with sticking to it.