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Candida thrive in an iron rich environment. I would guess that the candida has been thriving nicely on your iron stores.

In my case, before I knew what I had, blood work revealed that my iron was low. (At the particular lab the normal range was between 30-300) Never had that before. I started taking liquid iron daily and OJ. After three months, I got my blood work checked again, and my iron went down to 24. My doctor was baffled. He had me take two liquid iron packages and time released vit. C. Three months on my iron went down again to 21. He couldn’t believe it. I felt like hell, and I was having a hard time functioning.

That was in the fall last year. Fast forward to the winter and I figured out what I have and started to treat the candidiasis. Diet only mind you. No anti-fungals yet. I got my iron checked again. It went to 70. Well within the normal range…. This from only changing my diet…

I can’t tell you to stop taking iron supplements. I did before I started the cleanse portion of the treatment, and I have not added it again. It’s a double edged sword. Add it because you need it, but then you’ll be giving the candida something that it needs to thrive….

There is no easy answer… talk to your doctor I guess?