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raster wrote: Candida can cause iron problems such as anemia so it is a good concern. I think that taking vitamin C is a good idea (get one with bioflavanoids), but a little iron as a supplement would have no drawback. My girlfriend takes a good amount of it because of her anemia. -Raster

Research concludes that there’s an abnormality in the immunity as well as in the ability to destroy several types of bacteria as well as fungi in iron- deficient patients. This lends credence to the assumption that an iron deficiency comes before the Candida infestation, and Candida does not cause an iron deficiency. If one contracts an iron deficiency during a Candida infestation, it has more to do with his diet than the Candida.

Soldia, you may be deficient in iron, but I advise against using an iron supplement unless you know for a fact (have it checked) that you have a deficiency. Obtaining more iron than the body needs causes liver damage because the excess iron is stored in this organ rather than being put to use by the body.