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Candida Clear contains rice flour and gum Arabic, both of which can sustain Candida albicans.

Dr. Schulze’s detox looks ok, but it’s 28-bucks a bottle (if that’s what you’re talking about). If you’re looking to save money, there’s a simple and much cheaper detox protocol that many of the members have used, if you’d like to have a look it’s on the following website.

The cheapest and best-for-the-money antifungal is raw or cooked garlic, lots of it (by the way, I’m talking about eating it).

Quote: Which brings me to my ultimate question: how do you know when you’re clear? Will the vaginitis suddenly disappear? do I need another cream or pill to finish it off in there? I was thinking I was going to use the state of it’s severity as an indicator to how well my bodys fighting the candida in my gut. Anyone else have other methods?

Reply: There is no one, big answer to this. With most people they go along as normal until one day down the road they suddenly realize it’s been ‘forever’ since they’ve experienced even a tiny symptom of Candida, and bingo, the light bulb finally goes on.

Good luck.