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raster;36016 wrote: If you are looking to heal specific organs, we aren’t really here to help you do this. There are some good supplements out there, but if you want to go this route its best to do it via a naturopath who can do it more effectively.

Black currant is good for cleansing your pancreas, kidneys, spleen, liver, and adrenals:

And I shared a liver cleanse.

The colon cleanse you should do last because this will just get infected again in my opinion.

What kind of testing did you do?


Thanks Raster, The test wasn’t done recently. It was done about 1.5 years ago. At the time I considered Candida could be the problem, but wasn’t as convinced of it as I am now. It was an ultra sound I believe. I was looking for the actual test result, but I couldn’t locate it. I really have lost faith in medical doctors, so I never pursued this issue with the doctor that ran the test. The only advice he had was we can watch it and if it gets larger we can remove your “gall bladder”. Great advice, huh?

I’m not really so much looking for recommendations on just healing specific organs. I just feel the deeper into this diet I get the more my intuition begins to lead me to believe clearing out the infestation of some of these organs could speed up the recovery for me. I’ll give the black currants a try.

Ironically today my kidneys feel soar. I’m guessing this is related to die off. I have been strict to this diet and take this very seriously.