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I did try a form of intermittant fasting where you only eat during an 8 hour window and fast 16 hours daily. I did this when I had 4 days off work. It was manageable because I was at home and could take it easy. I did notice big improvements such as lessening of the bloating I’ve been suffering from and increased food tolerance. However this seemed to be a bit of ‘band aid’ solution to my problem, as my bloating returned as soon as I started eating normally. It seems I could lessen my symptoms by not eating for 16 hours a day. Unfortunately this is not a viable option to keep on living this way especailly when I am back at work and very active. I don’t think this is therefore a long term solution, more like a temporary relief. I also noticed that my adrenals were not too happy towards the fourth day.

I don’t think I would try a whole day long fast as from previous experience I know that it only made me very weak. But I might try 16 hour fasting again if it seems manageable. Just to give my gut a bit of a break occasionally (plus it’s so nice to not be bloated for once!). Would be interesting to hear other people’s experiences.