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dvjorge wrote: I have read most of her articles. She is very good and has worked hard researching CFS.

This is one is very good, a must to read !

I read something with similar advice yesterday but with a focus on GERD.

I’ve tried HCl 2-3 times and although it seemed to make my digestion smoother, I think it irritated my stomach. I thought that was a sign I didn’t have low acid levels, but I get the same kind of irritation from sesame oil or salty olives. I’ve also seen OAPs mention similar irritations despite tests showing they produce next to no acid!

I’m thinking I need to soothe the stomach lining first with things like DG licorice, slippery elm and glutamine, and then start with small doses of HCl. I’m never going to get anywhere as long as I’m not digesting stuff properly. It’s frustrating trying to work this stuff out through trial and error though. It’s costing me a lot of time.