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Well you can get glutamine that has FOS added (pure encapsulations does this)…if you get glutamine, supposedly the powder form is the best.

This product also contains glucosamine (N-Acetyl Glucosamine) which is a seperate product you will have to purchase as well. I’m fairly certain this heals leaky gut as well.

Additionally it contains a bunch of vitamins which you may not need if you are supplementing seperately…

Glucosamine is expensive for high quality stuff whereas glutamine is cheap for high quality stuff so its up to you really whether to get a multi-product or individual. Thorne, genestra, integrative thereaputics, pure encapsulations, and standard process all make glucosamine products (these are the high quality brands I recommend). The standard process one is likely the highest quality, however it contains ingredients that are food grade sources and contain things not on the diet:

Despite this I still would likely choose it because they have been manufacturing vitamins for over 100 years!