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Yes, the fermentation process is daunting from a far. However, now I love this as a hobby. I am currently making kefir cream cheese in my kitchen. It is AMAZING! I do not use water kefir grains in milk kefir. I purchased my original grains from a person advertising on a couple years ago. Luckily, this woman took care of her grains and they were of good quality. can teach you a lot but for purchases I would go to the Kefir Lady’s site.

I am so envious that you have access to quality raw milk. I have used raw goat’s milk to make kefir. It is supposed to be better for the stomach than cow’s milk. Don’t worry about letting the milk sit out. Room temperature is ideal for the grains to be “healthy”. The grains do a great job of preserving the milk so that no rotting occurs. My crazy scientist boyfriend tests the limits of kefir frequently. Rest assured that the beneficial bacteria thrive in non-refridgerated environments.