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Floggi;53106 wrote:
Thanks, Tdog, for your view.

Now please do not get me wrong. In the next paragraph, I may seem to be “opposing” you, to be “challenging” you. But in reality, all I want to do is ask you (and others who may be reading this thread) what you think of something I read at a different forum.

What I read there is:

If you eat (or overeat), the stomach’s acidity of course drops, because of all the food that’s added. The stomach has nerves that sense this, and these nerves signal the HCl-producing glands to increase the stomach’s acidity. This process continues until the acidity is back to normal.

During the time of insufficient acidity, the stomach’s exit remains closed. Thus, no partially digested food will enter the small intestine.

If (I explicitly say: if) this reasoning is correct, it would mean that taking HCl would only help the stomach reach its normal acidity quicker. Without the additional HCl, it would just take a bit longer for the stomach’s glands to produce the HCl by themselves. Digestion inside the stomach would take a bit longer, but the small intestine would see no difference, apart from the timing of when food leaves the stomach. For the gut flora, there would be no difference.

Okay, that’s what I’ve read on other forums. I repeat that I do not yet believe anything, because I know too little about this subject. That’s why I kindly ask you guys and gals to give your opinion about the above reasoning, and (who knows) to debunk it.

I think it really depends on your body. Right now that is exactly why I need to take HCL, because my pyloric valve remains shut for hours upon hours if I don’t take any HCL after a protein containing meal. I lose my appetite during that time and feel very bloated. I could eat that same meal with 4 betaine pills afterwards and feel fine 2 hours later.

But on the other side – I don’t know how universal the pyloric valve sensor information is though. Before I got sick I was very into body building. I worked out 2+ hours a day very high intensity and would go through bulking phases. During those months I would eat 5-6000+ calories a day, sometimes up to 8000 calories. I would eat 1500 cals a meal every 2 hours. I now know that is no where near enough time to process and break down all of that food properly(It was denser foods such as beef nuts and beans). I never felt that I was bloated or had any lingering food in my stomach. But from what I’ve read meat can take hours upon hours to leave your stomach even with the correct acidity.

I guess I just find it hard to believe that I could eat pounds and pounds of steak in one sitting, have my stomach properly break down the meat, and eat a full 1000+ calorie meal 2 hours later, unless i had a miracle stomach lol.