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Stop what you are doing, would be my advice.
The reason you should stop is that you are further stressing out your eliminatory organs by killing off more candida and you first need to support your liver, so that you don’t do damage to it. The protocol has all the info, but the very first thing you want to do is to spend three days giving your liver supportive supplements — chelated molybdenum, nettle leaf extract and milk thistle extract. Once you’ve started helping out your liver, you can begin the dietary changes that will begin killing candida off, then the anti-fungals, and finally the probiotics. Don’t leap into anything without supporting your body. It’s already stressed by trying to process the excretions of the candida in you as they live and die. Once you start killing them off, those excretions multiply dramatically and you can make yourself much sicker. Not necessary to do that and potentially harmful.
Good luck,