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Positivo, thank you, I will definitely start with molybdenum as soon as I get it. Sounds great to be able to eat all that stuff instead of starving myself like I’m doing now. I’m used to eating a lot, and so far the diet feels awful. But again, if I will get rid of all these problems caused by the candida, I guess it’s worth it.
And I will message Able right away for the diet!

Raster, I found your list on herbal teas and I will start with them right away. There are a lot of them on the list, but I’ll just try different ones and see which one works better.

About the probiotics. I was really hoping that the yogurt etc would be enough, but if it isn’t I guess I’ll have to get probiotics too. I will order them from, and I’ve found a lot of cheap ones there. But is there any in particular which I should buy? Or will any work? I saw in one of your posts (raster) that you benefited more from one with less billions of bacteria than the other ones you had tried..

So I’ll definitely keep taking the baths or something else of those that you suggested. I did feel like I sweated more than I’ve ever done during a bath before, and I do believe that it helped a bit.

Ok I feel a bit more positive now hearing about the weight gain.. Actually, I was also wondering if the sudden weight loss that I experienced could have been caused by candida? I lost 5 kg (I’m pretty short so it’s very visible on me..) living in the land of fast-food for a year (the US) and eating like a pig, and I haven’t been able to gain back that weight ever since.