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I would get whichever probiotic you can afford of course. I would go for quality over cheapness. I would look into getting a high strain high count probiotic to start out and then rotate through some other ones in time. Able recommends one called megaflora which contains DDS-1 (good against candida specifically) and I recommend called HMF neuro. I’ve tried them both as well as a few others. The goal is to get as many strains as possible and then feed them with prebiotics. I don’t want to argue about which one works best or anything like that, but I personally feel that the low count low strain ones should be avoided (threelac, fivelac, etc). HMF is relatively low count and low strain so consider it in a few months.

You will heal faster with a good probiotic as long as you are doing a diet that is not candida friendly. There is a lot more supplements we can recommend as well, but antifungals and probiotics are the cornerstones of the treatment.