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So I would love to hear more about what you did? Did you go straight on the strict diet? How long have you been doing this? And what about the results? I do feel like the cleansing is a bit too much, but at the same time I do want to do this the best way possible. I started getting my problems about 10 years ago, so although the cleanse is harder, if it is more effective, I still feel like it’s worth it. As long as it doesn’t hurt my body too much or make me to skinny..

RE not feeling so great, yes there is a good chance this is die off. It will get better with time, but you need the Molybdenum asap, it’s not really an optional mineral. It really does help and protect the liver. Where are you from? I can make some recommendations as to where to purchase your supplements.

I live in Sweden (stockholm), and I feel like I’ve been looking all over. Any recommendations on where to look?

RE losing weight – at the start of this diet you will loose weight I’m afraid, it’s pretty hard to keep it on, but with that being said I eat a lot of eggs a day for my protein and have been putting back on weight the last few days. I also now have the energy to go back to the gym a number of times a week and with all this protein I am eating I am sizing up quite nicely again!

This is nice to hear. I do hope that this won’t stop me from going to the gym. I guess I won’t be able to go if I feel weak as I do now, but I hope I’ll be able to go soon:)

Don’t start eating the coconut flour or teff flour yet – especially teff which is a test item to try in another few weeks. Once you are on the normal/stage 1 diet for two weeks I could make some coconut bread and try a slice of that, don’t go too mad as you won’t be sure what your reaction will be like.

Ok I’ll stay away from the bread.

And thank you for answering so fast:)