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Lauren wrote: Hi everyone!
Cat lover, there is a difference between candida and candida albicans. I should start writing the full name to stop confusion, I guess I was just to lazy to type it all out. 😉 Candida is found in the body normally. There is nothing wrong with candida unless it changes to a fungus form, which is called Candida albicans. Candida dysbiosis is when there is a candida albican overgrowth in the digestive tract. Candida sepsis is when it has enter the bloodstream in immune compromised individuals. An example of this occurring would be someone with Aids who immune system is very very weak.

As for not getting better without medicine I think sometimes this is the case, though extremely rare. The reason I believe this is the Comprehensive Stool Analysis (CSA) test I got done showed that I had a bad bacteria. The lab tested natural bacterial killing supplements and antibiotics on it. Half of the antibiotics would not kill it and none of the natural supplements could kill it at all. It had become resistant to certain things. However, ciproflaxen could. To me this show, even though it not candida albicans, that there are cases where natural remedies will not be enough to heal a problem. Brenda Watson also believes this to be the case. Again this is only with very few people with problems to this extent. This is why I am trying to find doctor that knows a lot about candida overgrowth because they can tell you if medicine is needed along with everything that is stated on this website. Just to be clear medicine can not fix the problems without also taking the other steps outline on here (like diet, antifungals, and probiotics).

I also feel that if there is underline problems beside candida, it will be harder to cured. For example if there are parasites or metal overload in the body the immune system will be unable to fight of candida like it should. To me it is important to think about why you got in the situation to begin with. This way you can find underline problems. These are just my opinions based on my experiences and what I have read. They might be totally wrong.

There isn’t any difference between the commensal form of candida albicans and the pathogenic form regarding to its name. Candida Albicans is a common candida species that is usually found in the human tissues as a colonizer. Its name doesn’t vary because it adopts a form or other. It is candida albicans as an unicellular form or as a mycelial or germ tube form. It is also known as monilia. There are other candida species and strains that also colonize the human tissues.