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carla mc wrote: 6 weeks ago i tried diflucan – would taking it again at this phase help at all to help ease mouth/vaginal symptoms? or is this undoing any beneficial stuff i’ve done so far?

Reply: Taking the Diflucan wouldn’t be undoing the work you’ve already done, but what it would be is a waste of money.

Nystatin and Diflucan are both precription antifungals which are no better or stronger than some of the better natural antifungals. Nystatin is supposedly a little stronger than the Diflucan.

There is lots of published research on the comparisons between Nystatin and other prescription antifungas with natural antifungals. An example of one such study is below.

All plants have a botanical or scientific name, for example, the botanical name for garlic is Allium sativum, for sweet basil it’s Ocymum basilium, and for oregano the name is Origanum vulgare.

The following is taken from several published studies comparing oil of oregano (Origanum vulgare) with Nystatin.

The antifungal properties of Origanum vulgare oil were examined both in vitro and in vivo. A comparison of the effectiveness of Origanum oil and Nystatin was examined in vitro using Candida albicans in broth cultures. Of the two, it was found that only Origanum oil at 0.25 mg/ml completely inhibited the growth of C. albicans in culture. The germination and the mycelia growth of Candida albicans were both found to be inhibited by Origanum oil in a dose-dependent manner.

Studies such as this prove that prescription antifungals are no stronger than an over-the-counter natural antifungal.