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Hi Sunny65,

I guess that the “Impossible” in the title of this thread is intended to mean the user known as “Impossible” on this forum, right?

In that case: bad news.

User “Impossible” was found to be the same person as user ThomasJoel2.

ThomasJoel2 created a second account (perhaps even more, but that is not certain) to pretend that he had support for his controversial, often even extreme, views.

He also used his second account to “jointly” bully innocent persons off this forum, for the sole reason that those persons dared to disagree with him. From both accounts, he attacked his opponent at a very personal level. By using several accounts, he tried to make his victims think they were a minority.

Unfortunately, he succeeded at bullying away at least one very open and friendly forum member who just wanted to share her personal experiences with us.

If you like, I can point you to some very ugly threads that are still visible on this forum. But I’d rather look forward instead of anchoring to ThomasJoel2’s harassing past. Anyway, users who show such gross misconduct would have been immediately banned on all other forums I know; anna was really extremely friendly when she asked ThomasJoel2 to just abandon his other account(s) and not bully others anymore.

So much for the background of your question not being answered.

If you still like ThomasJoel2 to interpret your results, you should address him. He is still active on this forum, but only on his primary account.

But you’d better ask the community at large for help. I think that’s always better than to address any single member.

By the way, I’m not going to interpret your numbers because I know my limitations. I certainly do not consider myself an expert on these values.

Good luck,