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Hey impossible, have you ever heard about this condition on your methylation studies? I have supplemented with extra b6 before, and I do believe it puts me in a better mood. It doesn’t give me quite the energy as supplementing with extra b12 (still trying to work on that b/c that can be over-drive sometimes-guess dosage dependent and what kind I need to find out); however, I do seem to make better choices with extra b6 (think it helps my dopamine, serotonin levels, which Bernie last time put me on a supplement to help increase that, but I know it can still not be enough), plus as I mentioned before, it helps with nausea, and can calm the gut down by making the right choices in my diet and life!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I think it helps me pee better, as I have problems peeing, either feeling the need to go, but only letting out a trickle, or sitting down like a girl to force it out. Sorry, tmi, but it is true. Some days are fine, and when I believe candida is acting up, I have problems!