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yisucks;52350 wrote: hey again, impossible. I read through your message again and have 2 questions. I’m going to call that doctor tomorrow to see when I get get in with him

1. How do my mutations compare to yours and/or others you’ve seen? More significant? Similar? Less drastic? I’m just wondering. I only had a couple homozygous but several heterozygous, so I was just wondering if this really does seem like it could be “it” for me as to why I’m not improving. I’m thinking it has definitely potential, but just wondering on your take.

2. Do you think I could safely start on some supplements before I get in with that doctor? I have the feeling it’ll be a while until he can see me, though who knows. I know SHMT and ACAT should be addressed first since I’m hetero…as such, would it be dangerous for me to try that Folinic Acid and other supplements that go along with that? I think you mentioned methlyfolate (but no good for me — rather mb12??), 5 formyl THF (actifolate), adenosyl b12, other b12, etc. Does that seem like a good plan? If so, maybe just focus on the Folinic, mb12 and 5 formyl THF? What do you think?

Thanks so much again!

We are somewhat similar, though I dont have acat, comt, mao, or mthfr mutations and I have multiple bhmt mutations. Im a little worse off than you in regards to total methyl status. The fact that you are not using up as many methyl groups (or SAMe, however you want to look at it) breaking down neurotransmitters helps in those regards. But your b12 status is likely worse than mine with the other mutation. Mtr/ mtrr and shmt will definately slow things down. Anyone that says otherwise because a mthfr 677 mutation isnt present does not know what they are talking about. Alot of doctors will even say this, but its not right. Plus, everyone ive seen with that combo, including myself, has really responded to treatment. SHMT will directly hurt immune function too. Lowered atp production because of the acat mutation can hurt immune function too. Its all not likely to be your entire problem, as far as candida is concerned, but is definately a piece of the puzzle.

It would be safe for you to add in 200 mcg folinic acid (which is 5 formylthf, actifolate contains other forms too btw) and some hydroxyb12, start with 1 or 200 mcg sublingual. Start those one at a time to see how each makes you feel. Wait to add in the other forms of b12 until your under the care of Armine or whoever.