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The big problem with mercury toxicity is that it hampers enzyme reactions. Your body requires enzymes to detoxify anything that comes into it as well as catalyze all the reactions that create all the substances that your body requires for the million things it does.

The first thing you need to do is relax. You can get through this and you can find ways to deal with it until you do. Theres no sense in worrying about something you cant do something about and theres no sense in worrying about something you can do something about. So just relax. A clear head helps alot too.

The second thing you need to do is realize that there are alot of things that you could be sensitive to because your body might have a hard time processing them. This might be what you are experiencing. All the normal rules dont apply anymore, there could be holdups anywhere in your body. Take your methylation snp’s and any other info you derive from that into account, but understand that those are indicators of inhibited enzyme activity and you might be dealing with more than just those now. I would think your probably dealing with the worst of it as the dust is still settling and your body hasnt had much of a chance to clean itself up yet, and you might experience new symptoms as it does.

There are alot of chemical groups that people with liver/heavy metal problems are sensitive/intolerant to, beyond just thiols. Keep your head as clear as you can and start learning as much as you can about all of those and what they look like. Take it easy with supplements, particularly ones you havent tried before. When you add something new in, start with a fraction of a normal dose and see how it goes.

Start a diary and write down everything you consume or are exposed too, places you went, etc as well as your symptoms experienced and reactions to things. Document what has happened so far. This can help alot with identifying problematic foods/ chemicals and could also help a specialist treat you if it comes to that. Which brings me to my last point. This can very difficult to work through without a thorough understanding of bio chem and physiology. The only doctor that comes to mind that I would consider going to in a pinch like this is Sherry Rogers. People travel from all over to see her for a reason. It would be a good idea to consider consulting with her or someone that she would recommend.

There are a couple of tests that can help you pinpoint problems and those are Urine Amino Acids and Urine Organic Acids. They are kinda pricey and im not sure that insurance covers those though.

Do you have an account at curezone? Start one and contact me so we can pm each other, my name is the same there.

Are all of your symptoms now neurological? What exact symptoms are you experiencing, how are they occurring, what exactly made them better or worse? What are the food reactions like or is it just constant symptoms?Aside from the kidney pain, has it been just brain fog and anxiety? If thats the case it could just be a sulfur & glutamate thing.