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Thanks, Impossible.

My main symptoms are neurological. They’re not quite the same as what I experienced with candida, but it’s not totally different either. It includes mental confusion, a sort of swirling experience. I feel slightly off-balance as though the world has a slight wobble to it. I also get very agitated and anxious. At first it seemed only in reaction to certain foods, which I identified as thiol. But that didn’t get rid of it. In truth, my baseline condition has progressively worsened (which is why I was thinking cysteine). I don’t experience it all the time, it ebbs and flows, but the times when I don’t feel it at all almost never happen anymore and the times when I feel it less than others is becoming less frequent. It usually becomes more intense in the 1/2 hour before a BM. I also get some chest pain around my heart and sometimes a touch in my arm, though these are reduced since trying glutamine. Palpitations are pretty common too.

My reaction to everything is exactly the same.

The food, aside from the thiols, is harder to discern. This morning I reacted to oat bran and coconut oil. I haven’t managed to pinpoint a reaction to meat exactly. I often feel worse for a few hours after, but it’s difficult to mark. It’s not as marked as the thiols were. I react to water kefir and maybe milk kefir, possibly kombucha too.

My digestion has slowed (possibly because of reduced ferments), but still moves. It’s kind of greasy (sorry). Swedish bitters help to keep it going.

Glutamine made them better and then worse. I reacted intensely to one round of ALA, which caused my kidney and heart pains. I also reacted really badly to NAC. Both of these I took before without problem. At first with the ALA, I believe I felt better, but after a few doses I began to feel worse. I don’t necessarily know if this indicates a metal problem or just a sulfur one.

I should say I’m not certain about heavy metals. I have a hair test ordered, but haven’t had it.

I’ll open a curezone account later tonight.

Where is a good place to learn about the other things metals react with? I’m parsing the mercury group and looking around the web, but I’m kind of pawing at things blindly, not knowing what I’m looking for, hoping I’ll recognize it when I see it.