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Stop telling the DIET causes yeast infection. It is an ignorant statement. If the diet causes YEAST infection, the complete world population were sick.

The diet can have influence when you are already sick. When your immune system has tolerated the presence of the YEAST.

The diet affects people who have chronic candidiasis. We have a PROBLEM. We are different than the rest regarding to our resistant to the yeast.

It is time everybody knows it.

My neighbors, coworkers, family DON’T have any yeast infection eating TON the sugar, carbohydrates, pizza, ice cream beers, etc.

Most of them are overweight and eat a pizza diary with a 6 pack of beers !!!

We are sensible to a diet style because we are sick with something that doesn’t affect the rest. !!!

Yes, I agree that a healthy diet is the WAY to go. I will follow this route in the future but it doesn’t mean that people get candida because they eat sugar. Open your mind !!!!