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Able900 wrote: Water and digestion; to be honest, this is another somewhat complex situation that I’ve avoided trying to explain in the past.

When it comes to drinking water before, during or after meals, as long as our body has the ability to produce the at least part of the stomach acid that’s needed, the water shouldn’t present a problem. The problem comes in situations where the stomach acid isn’t produced in sufficient amounts, this is unfortunately the case with a few Candida infestations.

If the stomach is capable of producing stomach acid, then it will simply secrete more acids to compensate for any the dilution that the water may cause.

If I may add and ask on this point.

People of A+ blood group do not produce as much stomach acid as the other blood groups – this may have a bearing on what the different blood group members experience…maybe?

Water/liquids (excl. digestive aids like aloe, bitters etc), shortly before, during and shortly after meals – I am of the understanding (again, and from a nutritionist) that by doing this, one dilutes the enzymes thereby lengthening the digestive process.

Any comments?