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Thank you Chilli for the advice and comforting words. Two-year-olds don’t make great shoulder to cry on and they get so nervous when I’m not well.

I am taking c 1000mg twice daily and lemon water three times per day. I was taking B Complex which had B6 included but stopped after reading here that it was not necessary. I also take vitamin E, AD3 drops and biotin. I will go get some B6 tomorrow and try it.

I have no idea what triggered such a massive die-off and after the initial two worst weeks on diet I had dealt with whatever die-off I had left over with lots of water, but today nothing helps. I have nausea, stomach pain, gas, dizziness, body pains, numbness… too many to name.

Last week I was so happy and singing “It’s a wonderful world” as I’ve been feeling great and die-off seemed manageable, but since yesterday I’m back in hell.