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Meditation is the best way to heal depression. It is the way to train and develop your mind to become more stable, adhere to the goodness and have a better quality of mind. When we meditate deeply our brain produces a fountain of pleasurable chemicals which make us feel blissful and exquisitely happy.

All the diseases are basically related to mind. Our mind controls our body and meditation is the best way to control our mind. Meditation as a practice is an effort to stop the mind from its natural tendency to weave thoughts. In the practice of meditation, you try to relax and then try to focus your mind on a divine form, a sacred sound or a word or phrase as mantra, or you focus on your physical body, breath or thoughts.

Herbal incense can help reduce stress, create a balanced sleep routine, and help you lose weight.

Meditation with herbal incense has helped me a lot over the past years. The powerful scents of incense can help anyone achieve the state of pseudo zen.

General Benefits of herbal incense:

– reduce stress
– lose weight
– relaxing
– help meditation
– great with yoga
– used in many religion ceremonies
– smells great
– creates a relaxing environment
– helps with digestion

Herbal incense is made mostly of Damiana Leaf. Here are more health benefits of Damiana Leaf:

Antidepressant: Damiana leaf is used to treat mild depression. Because of its stimulant properties, it can help to relieve stress that results in anxiety and depression.

Sexual Health: Damiana leaf can be used to prevent premature ejaculation and help treat impotence. While damiana has historically been considered primarily helpful for men, women’s sex organs can also benefit from it. Damiana Leaf can be used to treat painful periods and other symptoms of menses.

Urinary Tract: Damiana leaf can be used to treat problems with the urinary tract. It is a strong antiseptic and diuretic.

Digestive Health: Damiana leaf can be used as a laxative. It has a mild effect on the intestine and improves the function of the bowel muscles.