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Himawari wrote: …she ended up sending me swedish bitters in capsule, not dropper, form. Will these be acceptable? Or do you have to actually taste the liquid for it to work? (in which case, would it make sense to break open the tablet and let it drip onto my tongue?)

Hello, Himawari;

The only way a capsule would work is if water could stimulate the vagus nerves, which it can’t, otherwise there would be no use in wasting money on the bitters; we could simply have a few sips of water. I’ve never even heard of the bitters being in a capsule form, and I can’t imagine why a company would market them in that form. In all honesty, they shouldn’t be referred to as ‘bitter’ since they will have no bitter effect whatsoever in a capsule.

Opening the capsule and mixing the herbs in water may present the bitter taste and actually stimulate the nerves; in fact, one would imagine this would be the outcome. However, as I mentioned, I’ve never heard of a capsule form of bitters, so I’m only guessing.