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Please help!

The only kind of Swedish Digestive Bitters I can find contains alcohol. I was told by the pharmacist that it must contain alcohol to preserve the herbs. Who am I to argue with her, she has nothing else to offer. I was happy I found them but now so bummed.

Would this be one of the cases where the benefit outweigh the risk of feeding candida? The used amount is so small that it would not be hurting the treatment that much, or would it?

I am hitting a a hard die-off no matter how careful I am with antifungals (not taking any of the supplements, just including foods such as raw garlic, rutabaga etc.) and I guess those slimy yucky… name calling probably is not allowed here… are hungry and dying. I hit days where I can’t get out of bed (like today for example) and ocular migraine (scary stuff, luckily I had it before and just wait for it to go away) and flu symptoms and, ouch, can die-off be tough. From what I understand Swedish Bitters also help flush the liver so it would help with the die-off, right? I still didn’t manage to get molybdenum so I am getting desperate here. Found thistle tea so will try some of that but I am hoping that Swedish Bitters would help as well even though they contain some alcohol.