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orka1998 wrote: I am hitting a a hard die-off no matter how careful I am with antifungals (not taking any of the supplements, just including foods such as raw garlic, rutabaga etc.)

Cut the rutabaga completely from your diet right away. This is the most powerful antifungal you’re presently using; in fact, it would be difficult to find a stronger one. Leave this out of your diet for the time being until you can obtain the Molybdenum –hopefully. Not only are you suffering from die-off symptoms, but the poison is presenting a potentially dangerous situation for your liver and kidneys.

From what I understand Swedish Bitters also help flush the liver so it would help with the die-off, right?

Yes, the bitters will help to flush the toxins from your liver, but they’re not going to do much in the way of lessening the effects of the die-off symptoms.

Suggestion: Raise your vitamin C count to 6,000 mg at 1000 mg per dose spread through the day. If you remove the rutabaga and increase the vitamins C, I think you’ll see a huge improvement of the die-off. Keep in mind that the goal of the diet is not to create die-off symptoms but rather to slowly destroy the Candida and at the same time change the environment of the intestines by taking the probiotics and eating kefir, yogurt, and sauerkraut.