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Javizy wrote: What I’m asking is how the bitters prevent the water from interfering with digestion. It seems to be common knowledge on the forum, and you’ve said yourself in other posts, not to drink water around meals. Doesn’t this make taking the bitters a problem?

Experiencing a sweet taste with the bitters shouldn’t make much of a difference if any. The two receptors (sweet & bitter) are in completely separate areas of the tongue. The bitter taste buds are on the very back of the tongue which is why you should drop the bitters there, and the sweet taste buds are on the very front of the tongue with an area in between that contains very few taste buds. The sour taste buds are on both the left and right sides of the tongue. So as you see, you may taste the bitters somewhat differently on different sections of the tongue, especially if the bitters you use have both a sweet and bitter taste.

Water and digestion; to be honest, this is another somewhat complex situation that I’ve avoided trying to explain in the past.

When it comes to drinking water before, during or after meals, as long as our body has the ability to produce the at least part of the stomach acid that’s needed, the water shouldn’t present a problem. The problem comes in situations where the stomach acid isn’t produced in sufficient amounts, this is unfortunately the case with a few Candida infestations.

If the stomach is capable of producing stomach acid, then it will simply secrete more acids to compensate for any the dilution that the water may cause.

Toss a dry tea bag into an empty cup and what happens? Nothing; because the components that create the specific taste are still bound in the tiny pieces of tea leaves. But add some water to the cup and the compounds, including the essence of the herb, will start to be extracted by the water. Slowly more components are extracted until the water is saturated and these soluble components of the tea are now part of the water itself. So with this picture you can imagine how water also extracts the vitamins and minerals from the food we eat for digestion, in addition, it also makes it possible for them to be absorbed into our bloodstream.

I suppose the bottom line is, if you’re going to take the digestive bitters, then you also need to drink water afterwards because part of their benefit is to flush out the liver meaning they release built-up Candida toxins in the liver. You don’t want to wash the toxins out of your body, so you need the water to do that.

According to my own experience, as well as several testimonies from forum members in the affirmative, to conclude that digestive bitters have a positive effect on the body when taken during the treatment.